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PostSubject: Richmond....Relocate?   Wed Jul 20, 2011 3:06 pm

Katrina Gill of afl.com.au brings us this shock story.

20th of July, 2011. The day that will be remembered in Richmond folklore forever. The day that the tradition, the establishment, the might and power that was Richmond moved. The day where tens of thousands of supporters were left confused, shocked, enraged, in denial. The day that symbolised the move of the AFL from a league that was for the fans, the people, the ones who watch it, to a business, a full powered steam train, with the destination being billions of dollars of profits.

So, what happened? One could say the money machine that is the AFL sold out, one could say that the once proud Richmond football club ceded to the pressure, but really, all that happened is Richmond have relocated. The yellow and black, affectionately known as the Tigers by their fans shut up shop in Melbourne, and moved to the northwestern town of Broome. An absolute hotspot, with temperatures topping 30 in winter.

Why? That is what the fans are asking. At a joint press conference between Brendon Gale and Andrew Demetriou, they made a few statements. Some of these included saying that the town of Broome had made a 15 million dollar offer, to be split between the AFL and Richmond, justifying that extra 7.5 milion as the difference between staying afloat just, and flourishing. Another reason that's been given is that Richmond have a chance at winning for once - gosh, yes, miracles do happen! Gale said that the move to Broome gives them a unique home advantage - other clubs couldn't play in 35 degree, dry, humid days and nights, whereas they'd be acclimatised, with their fit roster, thus pencilling in 11 wins in a season, with only one more needed....for finals. Gale believes that winning more than 5 games would actually be of more benefit than staying in Melbourne - delivering the fans with something they've never had before, and brining in more money.

Demetriou's justification? Expansion. As we know, Demetriou's agenda as CEO of the AFL consists of one thing, expansion. He's already expanded to two ridiculous rugby filled areas, which are struggling - failing to get more attendances than Port, he couldn't cock up any more with expansion right? He's trying to get some credibility back, at least he's set up shop somewhere that's actually in an AFL state this time.

After this announcement, we interviewed a Richmond fan outside the precinct named 'Black Bird' and he had this to say:

Fucking bullshit, these cunts are fucked.

I'll leave you with that ladies and gentlemen.

Katrina Gill
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